I think and feel deeply that reality is fiction and fiction is reality. There is no desire to strike a balance in my photos between fantasy and real moments. Both exist in each other.

Sometimes a fact is real, sometimes a fact is unreal. I see for example a plastic cup. it is made of light and shadow in both the EYE that observes it, and The Photograph.
I try in my photos to understand what makes objects and experience and ideas Real for some people and unreal for other people.
I try to show light and shadowed as both creating something real but equally an illusion : a trick of the light, or a trick of the mind, or a trick of the eye or projection of owe illusions onto realitycc or what other's consider to be real.

In my life, I am confused about the true nature of anything. I want to reveal that confusion as a whole concept.
We can never understand anything completely.

I want to interchange the majority's life concepts about reality, with the life concepts of the minority.
Artistic thinking tends to fall in the minority. There is no truth or untruth, right / wrong / good or bad in my photos.

In japan we say WAKARANAI which means, I cannot see the meaning. I cannot understand.
For example, in my photos, I use distance to express both the desire to touch the subject, but also my inability to touch the subject who or which remains untouchable.
We must remove the judgment of good or bad ways of seeing life or living life, and finally consider the truth in All of it.

Takuto Endo